Move the sheet guide 2 to the right as far as it will go. Don’t show me this message again. Remove paper Remove the jammed paper see page 69 and press SEL. Not Used Valid, Invalid If you have a new ribbon and use High Impact Print Mode to print high-density characters or graphics, the paper may be smudged.

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See page 54 for information ondisabling Auto Align.

The values are set in the menu under Align1 Pos. GraphicsThe default is Bi-directional. Note If you are consistently using recycled paper, you need to clean the housing more often because recycled paper generates more paper dust. Certainmedia, especially media with uneven 8480ffb, may not work wellwith the Auto Gap feature and could produce unsatisfactory printresults.

Okidata Microline FB Ribbon – Compatible – 6 pack ()

To switch from manual feed to continuous forms: Exit The Menu Settings Press to scroll forward. If you want the printer to automatically add a carriage return when a Line Feed is received at the end of a line, change the setting to Yes.


BuzzerThe default is Enable. Swing out the ribbon arms on either end of the cartridge until they snap into place. Single SheetIf a paper jam is indicated on the display panel, use the followingmethod to clear it.

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Micriline the Menu on Continupus Forms1. The printer automatically reinitializes in the new path. Page 48 Page WidthChoose the width of the continuous forms paper you are using: Page 69 TroubleshootingPaper Jams: Page 23 – Switch between Single Sheets and Continu Don’t have an account?

Data PresentInsert PaperThe printer has received data, but there is no print media loaded inthe selected path. Page 3 ContentsCopyright Information.

Function Setting Menu 1. Enter text from picture: Pull 4880fb ribbon out a bit at the left end of the cartridge to givesome slack, then unthread it from the printhead. CutSheet SmoothHelps to correct for paper curl when feeding in a form manuallythrough the platform.

Page 46 GraphicsThe default is Bi-directional. Page 31 Print the Menu on Continupus Forms 1. To use this feature, you must enter the Function Settings Menu and turn it on.


Change to Invalid if you are experiencing difficulty getting forms toload into the printer when using preprinted forms with anomaliesat the top such as a large dark area on one side or a cutout. Make sure the Page Length see page 35 set in the menumatches the paper you are using to print the menu.

Change to Invalid if the Paper Set Alarm sounds when you try toload preprinted forms with anomalies at the top, such as a largedark area or a cutout. Choose 15 cpi or With the printer in the ManualMode, turn it off. The default is No.

Control Panel Used to switch back and forth between Manual Feed single forms fed from the platform and Front Feed continuous forms. To correct for this, change from Auto Gap to a manually set gap. Control Panel Lights 44 for more information.