Dermatologist Skin Care Products

August 30, 2021 , Skin Care Product

Skin care is an array of practices that support skin health, improve its look and alleviate several skin conditions. They are generally composed of nutrition, avoidance of too much sun radiation and proper use of moisturizers. Skin care also includes cleansing and moisturizing as part of a comprehensive regimen. There are several different kinds of skin care products available on the market today. Most of them can be bought both over the counter and through specialized shops.

Some of the most popular skin care products contain vitamin A, collagen and elastin. These are the substances used in natural skin care products, although some substances, such as l-ascorbic acid, are known to be beneficial as well. L-ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin A is useful for the prevention of aging. This substance is produced in our bodies from the foods we eat. The role of vitamin A in skin care products is to protect the tissues against environmental aggressors which might otherwise cause wrinkles, age spots and irritation.

Collagen and elastin, together with hyaluronic acid, are known as “collagen and elastin scaffold”. The molecules of these substances are very large and very dense. Thus, they cannot easily be broken down. For this reason, researchers have been working for many years to find out how to bring these substances into contact with our skin in order to make them more available to our body. Fortunately, recent developments in skin care products have finally found this solution.

One of the main constituents of most skin care products today is a combination of enzymes and protein peptides known as Cynergy TK. This substance is derived from a type of kelp commonly used in the cosmetic industry. As mentioned above, collagen and elastin cannot easily be broken down by natural enzymes. The Cynergy TK of a skin care product therefore becomes visible through the development of small holes in the surface of the skin (called pores). These pores are usually clogged with dirt and other bacteria, which lead to the secretion of acne-like lesions – the so-called pimples.

Another important constituent of skin care products nowadays is a special type of extract – plant based ingredients. Most of these substances are derived from natural sources and are therefore not synthetic. Examples of substances commonly included in serums are kaolin, plant derived oils like grape seed oil, avocado oil and Shea butter, hyaluronic acids, copper peptides and a variety of extracts. Plant derivatives are usually very gentle on the skin, so they can be used even on the most sensitive areas.

Another group of ingredients is made up of various types of alpha-hydroxy acids, also known as AHAs. The most common ones are glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid. They work by eliminating the top layers of dead skin cells, which are mostly composed of dead cells, oil, grime and debris. Many dermatologists recommend the use of such ingredients in conjunction with other skin care products, especially those that are rich in antioxidants.